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There are no fees associated with providing you a quote on your insurance policy. Insurance rates are based on many factors including all aspects of your business. To decrease your insurance premiums, one option is to look for discounts from your insurer. Just as it’s possible for your rates to increase because of claims, they can decrease due to more limited claim submission. Though it varies by state, other factors that insurance companies may take into account include size and scope of your business.
Of course, your coverage options can impact your premiums too. Most states have certain minimum general liability and workman’s comp coverage amounts that must be met to comply with the law, but this coverage alone may not be enough to protect your entire business. You’ll likely want to consider adding additional coverage options to your policy, which can affect your premiums.
How much coverage you choose and your deductible amounts will also impact your rates. Higher deductibles, for example, can lead to lower premiums. But keep in mind that if you are involved in a claim you may have to pay that deductible amount yourself before your insurance begins to cover any damages. Therefore it’s always wise to balance premium costs with how much you can afford to pay out of pocket.